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    Oriental enterprise is an international enterprise.Not only in the country with quality and price competitive advantage with production base, but also the world's major countries and regions has sales companies, through continuous expansion of international marketing network, our customer resources and channels of trade throughout the world, from the international scope of the market resources; through the high value-added service, for the majority of customers to create maximum value.

   "Customer-oriented" is our aim.The team of business management mode is our core competitive ability, the company established an advanced management mode of customer team, formed a complete supply chain function, reflected the advantage of large companies, and have a small team of flexible; so that we can according to different customer types and customer needs, to provide comprehensive and thoughtful, meticulous, efficient service.

   "Integrity, people-oriented" is our motto.Oriental enterprise funds, management norms, a galaxy of talents, the rapid flow of information, industrial base is solid, logistics system; always uses strict supplier management and product quality control measures for decades, accumulated a good reputation and rich experience in international trade, both the enterprise valuable intangible assets, but also with the majority of our new and old customers to share wealth.

   "Internal and external linkage" is our characteristics."The courage to open up, continuous improvement" is our spirit.Learning type enterprise culture has given us each operator and staff full of "entrepreneurship" personal qualities; distinctive team concept and consistent goal, make East business with powerful centripetal force and cohesion.Trade communication in the world, Enterprise to build the future!


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