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     Oriental International Enterprise Ltd,(abbreviated as OIE) is a comprehensive business company listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange (code number 600278).The company integrates commodity trade with modern logistics service, and consolidatesthe industrial operation with capital management. Presently,the company has a registered capital of 522 million RMB, with a total asset of 7.273 billion RMB (2016). The company’s yearly sales volume exceeded 3.179 billion RMB, and achieved a net profit of 1.49 million RMB(2016). It originated from the former Shanghai Garment Import and Export Co., which had more than 40 years history. Orient International Holding Co., Ltd (affiliated to Shanghai State-Owned Asset Supervision & Administration Committee),is the holding shareholder of OIE.

     As a traditional foreign trade company, OIE has established a complete supply chain for textileand garment import and export business, ranging from order receiving and taking home and abroad, all kinds of fabric and accessory sourcing, designing andsample-making, self-owned factory production, to global logistics and distribution. OIE,with its subsidiaries, handles the export business of all kinds of textile and garments. The commodities handle include fabric, all kinds of home textiles,knitted wears, shirt, T-shirts and jackets, etc for men and women. The companyis proud as one of the largest exporters of textile and garments in China. It owns many famous brands as Kool, Rose, Milky Way, Sparrow333 and LEETAI.

    The company also has a leading edge in the international procurement, tender and import formedical equipments, IT products, telecommunications products and equipment sets.The company has established a professional experienced team specialized in the field of bulk commodity import, including steel and iron, coal, The company has established a professional experienced team specialized in the field of bulk commodity import,including steel and iron, coal, wood, chemical raw materials, wool and cotton. It alsohas an efficient global purchase channel.

    Orient International Logistics (Group) Ltd (OIL), fully held by OIE, has a diverse business scope covering international shipping and agency,international forwarding, international container transportation andwarehousing, international courier, international exhibition transportation, customsand commodity inspection declaration, and other international logistics comprehendsive service. OILhas logistics bases in WaiGaoqiao Zone, LingangNew City,Pudong Airport,BaoshanLogisticsPark and Northwest Logistics Park, with a total areaof 100000M2. Thecompany also owns two container ships and one multi-purpose bulk carrier.OILis the leading international logistics comprehensive service provider in East China area, and has been among top 10 shipping agents in China.

     OIE is the third largest shareholder of Hua’an Secuiries Co.,Ltd. The company also holds a certain number of financial institutions stock, like Haitong Securities, Agricultural Bank, ChinaConstruction Bank and China Merchants Bank.Thecompany owns many real estate properties in HongQiao, Suhe Creek, Hongkou CBDarea, etc. OIE also maintains an excellent credit from many financial institutions like banks andhas strong financing capacity. It has also tried to explode new business fieldsthrough investment and capital operation.OIE also has a good connection with government authorities, like Customs, Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection & Quarantine Bureau, Commission of Commerce, Industrial & Commercial Administrations, Tax and Foreign Exchange Authority. The Company receives the highest credit qualifications from these authorities,which greatly facilitate company’s business operation.

    The company adopts the principle of “Integrity, pragmatism, harmony and mutual-benefit” and abides by the motto of “Innovation and adoption, multi-field developing,capable staff recruitment and sustainable development”

    Orient International Enterprise, Ltd. (OIE) endeavors to become a diversified listing company with a strong comprehensive power and competitiveness, both in goods trade and modern logistics, with sustainable development in each diversified business fields.



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